My Classroom Tour 2015-2016

Here it is. Finally. My classroom. This was the first time in awhile that I've stayed put. Same grade, same room, same color scheme. Thanks to being able to build upon the past I've quite happy with my room this year! The same can't be said for the quality of these iPhone photos. But you can see my classroom, which is the goal!

I scoured the whole school to get a matching set of tables. I also painted a few cabinets that were natural wood colored black, which really added to the cohesiveness of my room. 

In the past, I've commandeered these cubbies for my library. This year I was lucky enough to get 4 beautiful book shelves to hold my collection. So I could finally allow my kids their own space. I personally really struggle with this because I can't stand the mess. Adding the magazine files for their books, a folder for loose papers, and a pencil box really helps. Most of my students have a second cubby with a basket for odds and ends and headphones. Now it's a happy place. 

My library is my favorite new addition thanks to my principal. He bought each teacher 4 shelves so we could display our libraries. I am very proud of the vastness of my library and love that it's easily accessible by my students now too. 

My teacher area is now one of my favorite parts of my room. I love my polka dot pom poms hanging above, and painted my kidney table black. It's scratched and peeling now so I need a new solution, but for a while it was beautiful. I got a new shelf for behind my desk with red cubes to store odds and ends. I also have a great new job board that's available in my store. 

I also LOVE LOVE the gold bunting that I got from Michaels. The pendants come in a pad that you tear off. I punch holes in them and ran them on a pretty black ribbon. My alphabet will also be available in my store soon. 

I also really love my new paper fans. These came in packs from Hobby Lobby that I mixed and matched. I made the table signs and hot glued them in the center. I also made my principal climb on the tables to hang these from the ceiling. Luckily, he's pretty patient with me. ;) 

This calendar is also new. I reused old numbers and these holiday cards from Maria but the whole set up is new. I used the same gold bunting from Michaels and added another polkadot pom pom from Hobby Lobby. I also painted the frame of the directors chair from it's old natural wood to white. 

Here's another view of my teacher area with my word wall in the background. By the end of the year it will be full of words! 

So there it is. I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into my home away from home! 

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