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8:14 AM

Last year, I am ashamed to say I did a terrible job implementing technology. In my defense, I was late to the game getting a job, and had a completely full classroom from a retiring teacher to sort out before I could move in. I didn't have any student computers and my listening center was tape players. (Just trying to keep it old-school you know...)

This year will be different! Here are some of the top ways I want to work to move back into THIS decade!

1. Yammer
My school recently joined up using this to share informal info amongst the staff. I hope to post something helpful to my colleagues once a week.

2. Class twitter
I hope to start a class twitter account and keep it updated regularly by my students. If you know of a great blog post from another teacher on how to do this effectively in the primary classroom, I'm all ears! This one will take some thought and time.

3. THIS blog!
I'm new to blogging. I'd love to churn our at least 1 post a week. I'm pretty chatty so I hope this is obtainable.

4. TPT
I want to create and post at least 10 items to my new TPT store in the fall.

5. QR Code listening center
These are awesome. I hope to raise money or get some iPods donated so that this can be a possibility. My principal already makes fun of my tape players :/ I told him he owes me two ipods before I relinquish my walkmans.

6. QR Code Tour
I will dedicate a whole blog post to this in the future. I hope to create a student led tour of my classroom to upload to youtube. I will then make a QR Code to post outside our classroom door for visitors to scan. Eventually I'd love to spearhead this being a possibility for every classroom and place of interest in our school. The end goal would be that visitors to our school could go on a self-guided tour using their mobile device or one they pick up at the front desk. Imagine the possibilities if you had your students help you design it! I hope to make this a beginning of the year activity.

7. MY Twitter
I hope to better use Social Media and Twitter to reach out to other educators.

I have set this up for next school year and hope to get my collegues to sign up too. I look forward to seeing how it works for me. I love that you can have signups for events and parties or for volunteers within your calendar. Great Resource. One more thing to blog about in the future. (Are you tired of me saying that yet?)

I plan to have my behavior management go completely paperless. Parents can sign up for emails from classdojo to track their student's behavior. Save the Trees!

10. Digital Newsletters
More paperless! No more printing! I will be attaching these to emails next year instead. Yay for the internets!

Are you planning on doing any of these things? Did one of these give you an idea? What are your tech goals for 2014-2015 school year?

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